NFVF Calls for Film and TV Students to apply for its National Bursary Scheme


In order to stimulate and advance skills development, meet the current needs of industry, and to ensure the industry’s future growth and competitiveness, the NFVF provides funding to students in financial need to pursue film and television related studies at all accredited tertiary institutions in South Africa.

The NFVF has been awarding on average, sixty bursaries per annum to qualifying students who are academic achievers and passionate about the film and television industry yet lack adequate financial resources to further their university studies.

Criteria for Application:

The Student Must:

  • Have already been selected at an institution that offers formal qualifications such as a diploma or degree
  • Be able to demonstrate financial need
  • Possess a good academic record, the latest academic reports are required
  • Motivate in detail why they qualify to receive a bursary
  • Submit a correctly completed application form and attach all required documents as per the application form
  • Be a South African citizen, or have permanent residency or have refugee status

The application form provides a guide on all the required documentation to submit with your application form.

Important Notice:

One (1) copy of the entire application must be delivered at the NFVF offices or posted
Incomplete applications will be disqualified
The NFVF does not fund Live Performance or Acting studies
Only certified documents will be accepted
Applications received after the deadline will be disqualified
Faxed or emailed applications will be disqualified
Deadline for applications: 31 July 2015, 13:00.

For queries, please email Lebohang Khunou at

Wish to apply with the National Film and Video Foundation for a student bursary? Applications close on 31 July 2015 at 12h00, click below to download the application form.

The Animation School has once again proved that we have the WINNING spirit!




The New York Festivals 2015 announced from the Gala Show in Las Vegas this week that The Animation School has won 3 medals, Gold, Silver and Bronze and a finalist certificate.

Click here to watch the award winning films:

TAS welcomes animation director Florent De La Taille


The Animation School presents the 3rd Master Class series in 2014 with animation director Florent De La Taille in partnership with the world renown Paris based animation school, GOBELINS, l’école de l’image.


Florent started by studying illustration in the famous fine art school Estienne in Paris. He afterwards graduated from GOBELINS, l’école de l’image, in 2006 after co-directing the award-winning short film, Burning Safari. Since then, he has been collaborating with major international studios such as Framestore, Animal Logic, Rising Sun Pictures and Mikros Image. He has worked for television commercials and music videos as well as television series such as Maya the Bee, for which he was animation director. He has collaborated with major VFX films including The Golden Compass, Harry Potter, and three feature animation films. He is currently animating the up-coming CG feature film of Asterix at Mikros Image. Checkout Florent’s animation reel below…

Big Game cracks 100 000 views in under two days



2013 is quickly rolling to a close, and that means many things. On one hand, we have to say goodbye to a fantastic group of young adults whom we have seen grow not only in skill and ability, but also as people, over what we’re sure most of our students would call a challenging, but rewarding, three years.

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TAS third years deliver the goods


Our third year students have finally completed and submitted their final short films. To say we’re impressed with the results is an understatement! We’re incredibly proud of all the late nights and hard work that went into each and every short and we’re very proud to be able to share them with you here.

The Return

A man breaks into a library to return an overdue book at night in order to avoid the creepy old librarian who is in love with him.

The Element

In a post-apocalyptic world, two humans go on a journey of discovery to find the source of life. In a parallel story two elemental guardians are locked in a power struggle, one bent on destruction and the other fighting to maintain the last traces of life. As the battle intensifies, the people are getting closer to their final destination, unaware of what they will find. In a final surge of power and desperation, the guardians lunge towards the element of life. At this moment the humans burst in on the scene to witness the final outcome of this life-changing battle.

Electric Love

A lonely junk yard robot pursues his attraction to a female vacuum cleaner, as he tries to impress her.


Consumed in technology, a man re-discovers himself through an unexpected journey.

Big Game

Bobo, a lonely monster, is set to spend another birthday alone, until a cunning monster hunter throws him a killer surprise party.


In a world where order suppresses independent thought, a young girl uses her creativity to break free from the oppressive societal system.


Tim is a recluse who sees the outside world as a frightening place, he wakes up one morning to discover that he has run out of milk and he now has to leave his home and face his biggest fears.

Khumba tops box office

Khumba tops box office

Animated feature film Khumba, made by Cape Town’s Triggerfish Animation Studios — home to many alumni of The Animation School, was the best performer at the South African box office when it opened on the last weekend in October, raking in over R1,7m in ticket sales.

Triggerfish was founded in 1996 as a boutique stop-frame animation studio and initially made its name creating commercials. Today it’s one of South Africa’s largest animation studios, home to some of the best animators in the country, and one of the inspiring local companies that demonstrate just how far local animators can go.

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TAS kicks off Johannesburg info presentations


Over the last weekend, The Animation School took yet another bold step in its Johannesburg expansion plans.

Hosted at our brand new campus in Rosebank, Johannesburg, we invited prospective students to come through and enjoy a two hour presentation held by our principal and co-founder, Nuno Martins.

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Johannesburg, here we come! rAge 2013



We’re slipping into end of year mode here at The Animation School and that means a few things. Firstly, most of our students are manically working like crazy on their end-of-year projects, and secondly, we’re starting to look ahead to the new year and all the exciting things it looks set to bring, including our expansion to Johannesburg.

As one of SA’s leading animation training institutes, it was only a matter of time before we spread our wings and opened up a campus in the country’s most populous city, and it’s a move we could not be more excited for. We’re obviously doing a lot of work behind the scenes to make sure that all of Johannesburg’s most talented potential students know about us, including attending rAge, which we’re super excited about!

On top of that, we are hosting presentation sessions in October and November at our brand new campus. These sessions will provide prospective students and their parents with all the information they need in order to decide if a career in animation is right for them.

We have secured a fantastic location for our Johannesburg campus, and we look forward to sharing photos as the development takes shape. In the meantime, if you’re a Matric student based in Johannesburg, then why not join us at one of our presentations in October and November?  Drop us a mail to secure your spot, and if you’re headed to rAge next weekend, then be sure to stop by our stand and say hi!

Disney reveals 10 brand new movies in production


In case you missed it, Disney recently pulled the curtain back on no less than 10 brand new animated movies, all due out between 2014 and 2016. Generally speaking, a single movie announcement from Disney is a pretty big deal, so having 10 simultaneously unveiled is huge for animation fans.

Of the ten newly announced films, these are our picks:

The Good Dinosaur (30 May, 2014)

Conceptually brilliant, The Good Dinosaur is set in a world where the catastrophic meteor that killed the dinosaurs never hit earth, and as a result, humans live and learn to thrive alongside the massive lizards. The story follows a friendly teenage Apatosaurus named Arlo who sets out on a quest to restore peace to his once tranquil community after an unspecified traumatic event occurs. Among the confirmed voice cast, are Bill Hader, Neil Patrick Harris, and John Lithgow.


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6 Little-Known Animation Facts


At the core of our love for animation, is a love for the hundreds of TV shows and movies that have been created over the course of the industry’s existence. Many reading this will have grown up enjoying classic features and shows from the likes of Disney and Dreamworks, and in honour of this, today we have dug up 6 little-known facts about some of the movies and characters that we all know and love so much.

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