The Animation School is nothing without its students, so from now one we are going to be putting them in the spotlight with regular blog interviews and features!

This week we are chatting to Christopher Thwaites, one of our talented first years, to get an idea of his relatively new life at The Animation School.

Hey Chris! Thanks for talking the time time to answer our questions. When did you realize that you wanted to study animation?

No worries! Thanks so much for the opportunity! realized last year, during my Gap Year in the UK, while I was working as a Telemarketer, what it meant to hate your job and decided to pursue a career in an animation/vfx since that has always been my passion. That was definitely the turning point. I was actually about to go study Computer Science this year but decided that life was too short not to pursue your passion and I’m so glad I did.

What subjects did you take in Matric?

Um, besides the standards, I took Maths, Biology, Physical Sciences and Art.

Out of everything you have been involved in so far, what is your favourite piece of work?

Well currently I am doing some 2D animation for Classy Menace’s new music video with a group of talented first years and that most definitely has been my favourite project so far along with our 2D project where I got my first taste of actual animation which has been awesome so far.

What is your favourite aspect of animation?

Personally my favourite has to be on the pre-production side of things, since I’m aspiring towards being an illustrator for concept design and visual development, however since joining the college, my eyes have been opened to the world of 3d modelling and the actual craft of animating and performance which I’ve really started to enjoy.

What is your favourite animated movie of all time?

THE INCREDIBLES by Pixar!! Seen atleast 5 times and I’ll watch it 5 more :)

Can we have a link of your favourite animated short?

At the moment I really love an animated short done by a team of students at Gobelins called “One Day”:

But I think people may find it boring so here’s my second favourite (also done by Gobelins, which I rate everyone should check out their Youtube channel since they’re students’ work is insane!!):

What would you like to do once you have finished studying?

That’s a toughie ey! Naturally having a paid job in the entertainment industry is the major goal, if I could be so lucky to have my way, I would hope to work for a stable vfx/advertising or Games company in the pre-production department doing concept design and visual development. Also recently I’ve discovered the world of 2D animation and would also be very happy to work in that sector of the industry.

Would you prefer to animate for video games or film?

Either one to be honest!! I really am enjoying the process and craft of it and never knew I would to this extent so whichever sector will give me the opportunity! Or whichever one has the best health benefits :P

Give us a break-down of your typical day at The Animation School.

I recently switched over to the morning class which runs between 8am-11am and I live at the school in Res so I’ll get up, shower, and do class time till the afternoon class comes, then disappear into my room to work on personal/school projects and yeah do normal student stuff. The school’s workload in first year’s not too hectic which is good since it gives you time to discover what you enjoy most and allows you to pursue it!

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