Over the last weekend, The Animation School took yet another bold step in its Johannesburg expansion plans.

Hosted at our brand new campus in Rosebank, Johannesburg, we invited prospective students to come through and enjoy a two hour presentation held by our principal and co-founder, Nuno Martins.

A warm and bright Saturday morning set the backdrop for the information sessions, which were enjoyed by a packed out presentation room. Over 60 prospective students and their parents attended the first day, and we were met by an overwhelmingly positive response.

Martins began the presentation by taking onlookers through a structured explanation of the program, as well as showcasing work created by past and present students. It was great to see young, eager faces having their minds opened to the world of animation for the first time, as Martins walked the class through a wide variety of different content, from the student-created stop-motion short, Headless, to the New York Festivals award winning, In Sickness.

It’s an exciting time for The Animation School, but at the same time, opening up shop in a new city is inevitably going to be a bit nerve wrecking. Having said that, based off the strength of our first Johannesburg presentation day, we are feeling more confident than ever about the expansion.

We are holding another 2 presentation days in November, on the 9th and the 16th. The presentations take place at 11AM and 2AM, and are held at our new campus in Johannesburg. If you’re interested in attending, then get in touch with us on 0861-8222-33, or nuno@UCA.co.za.

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