If you subscribe to our Facebook and Twitter profiles, then you might have noticed a recent surge in our online activity. The blog post you’re reading right now is part of a deliberate decision to develop our digital footprint, and it doesn’t end there . Pretty soon you will see The Animation School popping up in the media;  on TV, magazines, the radio, and across the internet.

The Animation School is currently expanding in two major ways, and we couldn’t be more excited. Our physical expansion to Johannesburg in 2014 will allow thousands of additional South Africans to investigate the possibility of studying animation. To support this, our proactive engagement in the local online and traditional media spaces will allow more people than ever to find out about The Animation School, and what we do.

So what has this media expansion involved so far? Just over two weeks ago The Animation School’s Facebook page had 385 fans, and had been updated less than a handful of times this year. Since then, it has grown to just under 1,100 fans, and has been a hub of activity. Students, prospective students, and others interested in animation are engaging in conversations on the page, and we have been handpicking and sharing content that we view as valuable to our community. Our Twitter handle has also started growing steadily, and we have started engaging with users on a daily basis. We have also created an Instagram account, and soon photos taken by students on campus will start making their way onto the internet.

One of the most exciting aspects of our new expansion into the media space, is direct conversations we are beginning to have with local publications and journalists. Our principle and co-founder, Nuno Martins, has already been interviewed by a prominent local video games blog, and you will soon start seeing the school turning up in a variety of online, print, and broadcast media.

It’s a very exciting time for The Animation School, and we can’t wait to watch our various digital platforms grow.

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