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    We welcome international students to our state-of-the-art campus in Cape Town which is voted a top city in the world.

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123+ Awards & Counting…

Why Study at The Animation School?

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International 1
Award-winning institution

The Animation School has won over 125 awards from around the world for our amazing animation student films

International 2
Global Ranking

he Animation School ranks among the best international animation colleges in the Top 25 International Training Programs at number 13

International 3
Affordable Costs

Invest in studying with Africa’s leading animation college offering competitively priced tuition and accommodation costs – so that you can save and still enjoy the ultimate experience in the world-class African cities

International 4
Study Further

Post-grad options are available to enable students to obtain an Honor’s Degree in Digital Art right after obtaining their Diploma from The Animation School and also, animation post-grad programs can go as far as a PhD program.

International 5
Accredited Qualification

We offer a qualification that is also academically accredited as a legitimate qualification that is recognised by foreign accreditation bodies

International 1
International partnerships

The Animation School associates itself with some of the leading international animation colleges, such as Gobelins to offer students an opportunity to participate in a student exchange program

International 7
State-of-the-art Campuses

The Animation School campuses are accessible to students 24/7 and are fully-equipped and situated in 2 different cities that are both one of Africa’s top travel destinations: Cape Town and Johannesburg.

International 8
International Mentors

The Animation School involves industry experts throughout the academic programme. Our students have the privilege to be mentored by one of the most reputable international industry professionals such the talented French animati...

Study in iconic Cape Town

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Located in the most beautiful city in the world and ranked as a top holiday destination, Cape Town is an ideal study destination.

Students are provided with 24-hour access to our state of the art facilities which include three classrooms with high-spec computers loaded with industry-relevant software, an acting space and sound recording room, as well as a study area and canteen.

We’re proud of what our
students have created

1st and 2nd year portfolio

What’s Happening?

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Why wait? Apply today!

How to Apply

Download the Application Guide for an overview of the application process.

The following pieces must be included in the portfolio:

  • 1 x Comic strip (6 panels) showing how to apply to study at The Animation School (download the template)
  • 6 – 12 Additional artwork pieces which you have personally produced in the past 3 years made up of any medium; illustrations, paintings, graphic design, portrait drawing, figure drawing, sculptures, digital artwork, animations or any other medium the applicant believes will motivate his/her application

Compile a single PDF document that includes the following:

  • Scanned or photographed artwork
  • Comic strip
  • Links to any short films or animations created by the applicant can be added to the portfolio but this is not a requirement.

Write a one-page (A4) motivation that addresses the following question:

  • Why do you want to study at The Animation School?
  • Once you have compiled your portfolio start completing the online form. You can save the form for later use.
  • Complete all personal details in the online application form
  • Upload the motivation letter
  • Upload the portfolio
  • Upload national senior certificate/ statement of results/ other qualification
  • ID photo