• Introduction to Maya

    Learn the basic workings of Autodesk Maya and use it to create your own 3D models and environments as well as learn to apply basic animation skills.

    About the course

Course description

The Animation Schools’ experienced lecturers will guide students through the basic workings of Autodesk Maya and use it to create their own 3D models and environments as well as apply basic animation skills. This software is now the most popular 3D program globally and is used by all major studios to produce anything from television commercials and games, to box office feature films.

The following topics will be covered in the course:

  • Introduction to the Maya Interface
  • Introduction to 3D Modelling
  • Introduction to Unwrapping and texture mapping
  • Introduction to rigging
  • Introduction to 3D animation
  • Introduction to lighting and rendering techniques

Programme details

Campus: Cape Town and Johannesburg
Start date: Saturday, 2 March 2019 at 09:30
Duration: 8 weeks
Class times: Saturdays, 09:30 – 15:30
Certification: Certificate of completion
Total credits: Non-credit bearing

Who should apply?

Professionals as well as students in grades 8 to 12 with basic computer skills are invited to apply.

Whether you are in the corporate world wishing to branch out into a more creative field or a traditional artist wishing to digitise your creativity, or you just intrigued by the process of digital animation, then this is the course for you!

What will students be able to do upon completion of the course?

Students who successfully complete the introduction to Maya short course will be able to:

  • Navigate the Autodesk Maya interface
  • Create and manage projects
  • Model and texture basic shapes
  • Animate basic shapes
  • Light and render basic shapes

What are the fees and is financial assistance available?

No bursaries are available for short courses. Please download the short course brochure for information on fees.

How do I apply?

Follow these steps:

  1. Click the “Download brochures and forms” tab on the right
  2. Download the short course brochure for more information
  3. Download short course registration form
  4. Complete the registration form, sign it and make the necessary payment.
  5. Email the completed registration together with proof of payment to sam@uca.co.za (Cape Town) or lorraine@uca.co.za (Johannesburg)
  6. Confirmation will be sent via email